Business uses a retail location to build brand love

If you are not familiar with, they make shirts. Unlike most companies who choose their designs based upon focus testing and select influential parties, Threadless uses the crowd.

Similar to, Threadless accepts user-submitted designs. They use a public rating system to determine what shirts to print; therefore, they let the crowd run their product development like open source software.

According to MarketingVOX, the company expects $15 million in sales this year. It emerged from the minds of two Chicago art students who put in just $1,000 seven years ago.

The site opened a real live, in-person location in Chicago that doubles as a brand builder.

Launched in September, the store has become a great brand-awareness opportunity, since most people coming in aren’t familiar with the website.

And in terms of getting those familiar with the brand incentive to come in, the retail location launches new shirts three days before they hit the web.

To top it off, they have plenty of online support.

How many companies do you know with online and retail locations that compliment each other so well?