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Where to found your startup’s office

It’s hard to know what to look for when you are seeking your first office complex–moving on from the nice atmosphere of your single apartment or mother’s basement. Xobni recently talked through the factors that helped them decide on their new office in San Francisco in a blog post.

The top tips they give:

  • Go for the heart of the city. New hires for start ups are there already and want to be there.
  • Scope out the food joints nearby. You’ll need some carbo-loading location open and close no matter what time of day so that you can keep your project on track. Nearby stores are also a plus.
  • Don’t go all Donald Trump. You don’t need fancy marble accents to impress clients–just do good work. Get an office that will serve its purpose and make you look good without going over-priced and extravagant.
  • Use your space well. Don’t cram people together in too small of a space, or they won’t get anything done. Room teams together and leave plenty of extra space for break rooms and nice luxuries like nap rooms.
  • Get creative. Let your employees express themselves with decorations in their workspace and make the office your own by putting a little money into paint and company memorabilia.
  • Last, add comfort as much as you can with the desks, computers and chairs. In tech/programming start ups especially, employees will spend a majority of their day on the property at all times so nice furniture and extra monitors go a long way to boosting morale and preventing employees from noticing how long they have been concentrating on a project.

Oh, and if you don’t know who Xobni is, check out their introduction video. They hope to revolutionize an old tech known as email.