Working Class

Grades don’t matter as much as experience does

I bet the last thing you want to hear when you are coming out of college is that your grades will get your nowhere. In fact, as a night owl of both college and high school, I like to think that the hard work I put in to pull A’s was all worth it.

But I still agree with Jon Morrow.

He argues that getting the grades is not always worth the sacrifice. Sure, having good grades when you can get them is the perfect scenario, but your priorities might be out of whack if you pull the kind of all nighters that Jon did limiting himself to just 3-5 hours of sleep most nights.

Of course, Jon has lots of work experience that allowed him to be very successful in getting a great job straight out of college and wasn’t planning on pursuing more degrees or law school elsewhere. He had a lot going for him. If you don’t have the kind of expertise that Jon did, your grades might matter more. At the same time, if you have the opportunity to get the kind of work experience that Jon did, even if it means sacrificing a few A’s for B’s, it might be worth it.

Having real world work experience is better than grades in my book, and proving yourself in the work force is much more valuable than proving you can slave away in a classroom.

Don’t become a slacker in college, but know that a healthy dose of networking and work experience can get you an amazing job opportunity just as much as grades can.